House Keeping and Allied Services

We provide mechanized housekeeping and other allied service with focus on hygiene and safety. Our service is tailor made to customer needs and also attended by well trained and efficient staff. We can provide services in the category of Housekeeping, Electric Maintenance, Plumbing, Pest control, Swimming pool maintenance, Lift attendance, Bungalow / Guest House care takers, Telephone operators,

Housekeeping is a very important criterion in hospitality industry and the scope covers office, Plant and the estate maintenance (including Guest houses). It is a continuous process and we help the management and the operating team to maintain tidy workplace and follow 5S principle. Regular housekeeping also adds to waste elimination.

Our experienced team can provide excellent quality housekeeping at various institutions like:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Hotels
  3. Corporate Offices
  4. Manufacturing Industries.
  5. Equipment maintenance and Air craft cleaning.
  6. Government and Non-government organization.